Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Portland Magic Academy?

The Portland Magic Academy is a Portland-based team of instructors and educators who present a premium magic curriculum developed by a team of world-class magicians. The award-winning course was specifically created to help children develop people skills, character, and confidence.

Will learning magic really help children develop social skills?

Yes! Magic is a very interactive art. Many of the benefits come from performing magic for others. Magic offers a unique, complex cycle of communication between the performer and the spectator. In each class, our unique system provides every child the opportunity to perform for different people (including their peers, instructors, and special guest entertainers) several times, in a positive, nurturing environment.

[MARCH 2020 UPDATE] Especially during this time of social distancing, we think it’s more important than ever that kids work to develops social skills that will benefit them when they return to their normal social environments.  Read more about our interactive ONLINE CLASSES!

My child is shy. Will he/she be able to do this?

Absolutely yes! We strive to ensure every child has a chance to grow their confidence starting in the very first magic class. The Portland Magic Academy instructors foster a supportive environment where all skill levels are rewarded. In addition, students are rewarded not only for their performances and creativity, but for demonstrating the eight traits they learn as part of the class.

What kinds of tricks are taught?

Portland Magic Academy teaches a wide range of magic tricks. Students will learn to make things vanish and reappear, read minds, pass solids through solids, and much more! At every class, students are given custom props and effects created specifically for this curriculum! (Don’t worry though, we won’t teach them how to make their siblings disappear :))

My child has never expressed interest in becoming a magician, is that ok?

Yes. Even if your child has never expressed interest in magic, most kids LOVE watching and learning magic tricks. Usually after the first class your child will be thrilled they are learning the secrets to magic! Even if your child isn’t interested in magic, the real value in the class comes from interaction with their peers, learning the eight traits of a true magician, and developing social skills.

How does the Portland Magic Academy teach life skills?

We like to say these aren’t magic classes, but rather these are life skills classes camouflaged as magic classes! Each class features one of the eight traits of a true magician. We teach that a true magician is Confident, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Authentic, Creative, Humble, Prepared, and Giving.

As students progress through the class, they are taught these traits, and practice them as they learn and perform magic tricks. The students also have access to a video vault and are shown videos in class that reinforce these eight traits.

What's included in the class/registration?

Each child receives:

– Eight Magic classes that feature lessons, videos, games, practice sessions, and performance sessions, all lead by world-class instructors

– Secret codes at each lesson that allow students to access the online instructional videos

– Custom props and supplies complete with printed AND video instructions.

– A unique keycard with LIFETIME ACCESS to a special onine magic vault with hours and hours of video instruction/tutorials

– A secret file folder for each lesson featuring bonus tricks and lessons in magic history

– A graduation certificate and magic wand!

My child has never done magic before. Is any prior experience required?

Absolutely not! This class was created as an introduction to magic. It’s perfect for kids who have never done any magic before. Because the curriculum and props were all custom designed, it’s also perfect for students who have done magic before, but are interested in taking their skills to the next level.