Live, Online Magic Programs

Perfect for home school groups, libraries, summer camps, businesses, schools, and other groups!

A fun, unique way to bring your group together during this time of social distancing!

  • Interactive and engaging

  • A virtual, shared experience

  • An easy, creative solution

We offer three great options for groups:

(All of these workshops are designed for kids ages 7-12)


These 45-minute workshops are live, interactive, and tons of fun!  You’ll learn the three rules of magic, three magic tricks you can do with things from around your house, we’ll play some games, and you’ll even get to see some magic performed!

We offer three variations of the WOW Workshop:

WOW Workshop 1.0 – Hula Loops, Appearing Coin, and Royal Mix-up

WOW Workshop 2.0 – Walking Through Paper, Balancing Bill, and Ninja Cards

WOW Workshop 3.0 – Infinity Tube, Boomerang Aces, Paper to Money

Each workshop is self-contained and the workshops can be taken in any order.  Before the workshop, we send you a list of easy supplies each participant will need to bring with them.  After the workshop, we provide a link to a page with instructional videos for all of the tricks we taught.



This 60-minute workshop is similar to the WOW workshop, but with even MORE fun and games, MORE magic tricks, and MORE learning!  The biggest difference is each child receives a bag full of supplies and surprises in advance, with everything they need for the workshop and hours of fun after!

Kids have so much fun, they don’t realize they’re learning:

*Magic is SCIENCE – The Splash Bag magic trick works because of science.

*Magic is MATH – A number prediction and card trick use sequences.

*Magic is ART – Optical illusions deceive the eyes and play tricks on the mind.

*Magic is THEATER – Both require planning, rehearsal, and a live performance.

*Magic is HISTORY – We stand on the shoulders of the magicians of the past.

Each child receives their own file folder, deck of cards, exclusive, specially-designed magic tricks, plus the supplies needed to perform all of the tricks in the workshop.


image of all four wand classes

Empower kids by teaching  them the art of magic! In this course kids are given secret file folders, custom tricks you won’t find anywhere else, and unique opportunities to boost self confidence, build communication skills, and make new friends.  Each magic lesson builds character, confidence, & communication skills for life.

  • Live, fun, engaging classes
  • All supplies delivered to your home
  • Incredible curriculum (
  • Develops social skills, presentation skills, & confidence
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to online video vault with hours of additional learning and engagement!

Not only do the kids learn amazing magic tricks and life skills, the classes are filled with games, creativity exercises, themed days, opportunities to spotlight, and kids even get to earn Magic Moolah, redeemable for additional magic tricks in our online magic shop!  We offer multiple courses and at the end of each course students receive an exclusive graduation certificate and a special magic wand that’s a different color for each course they complete!

For more information about our full 8-Lesson Course, CLICK HERE

For questions, or to set up a custom class for your group, email or call 479-253-7575