magic fold folders for magic classes

A quick note about COVID-19…

While one of our aims in offering this program is to offer CERTAINTY and ALLEVIATE fear and stress (especially for children) during these uncertain times, I wanted to offer some information about the supplies we ship out for our online courses.  Hopefully this information will bring peace of mind concerning the props and supplies you’ll receive 🙂

magic supplies in box

One of the greatest things about our Full Wand Courses is that they come with INCREDIBLE custom-designed magic tricks, instructions, and file folders for each lesson. 

The magic props, file folders, and keycards themselves have been in domestic warehouse storage for past 8-12 months. The actual props that your children will handle were individually packaged long before the virus and were not touched recently.  Supplemental, individual props and supplies were added to the class materials (to make the class even more fun)!  In those cases, we’ve made efforts to ensure they haven’t been handled by anyone with symptoms.

My wife and I personally assembled and packaged your kits. We are currently in good health, wore gloves and masks, used hand sanitizer and washed hands (prior to packaging) and have not knowingly been in contact with anyone with Coronavirus symptoms during this time.

Stay Happy and Healthy!