Are the classes fun?

Of course! Our goal is not just to teach life skills and magic tricks…we want kids to have a blast!  We want them to look forward to class!  In addition to teaching magic tricks, we do creativity exercises, give out prizes, play games, have special themed days (pajama day, crazy hair day, show and tell day), use music, and tell jokes!

How do I sign up for the online magic classs?

It’s easy! You can register for any of our upcoming classes by visiting our ONLINE STORE!

My child is shy. Will he/she be able to do this?

Absolutely yes! We strive to ensure every child has a chance to grow their confidence starting in the very first magic class. The Portland Magic Academy instructors foster a supportive environment where all skill levels are rewarded. In addition, students are rewarded not only for their performances and creativity, but for demonstrating the eight traits they learn as part of the class.

How are your online classes taught?

Our virtual magic classes are taught over Zoom, an industry leader in video communication. Once you register, we’ll send you a special link to join the class. Just click on the link and you’ll join our virtual class. Most computers have a built in webcam and microphone, which helps make the class interactive and allows for student participation.

What do you do to ensure online safety?

While it’s impossible to completely protect anything online from hacking, we’ve done everything we can to ensure that our virtual classroom is as safe as possible! Specifically:

– We have disabled file sharing between users in our Zoom meetings

– We use embedded passwords in our Zoom links to ensure only those we send the links to (parents of students) can enter our virtual classes

– We have a second person live-monitoring/moderating each of our classes.

– We automatically record each class through Zoom

– We disabled screen sharing for everyone but the instructor

– File transfers are disabled to ensure no digital viruses are shared

– We disabled “Allow removed participants to rejoin.”

We always run the latest version of Zoom, ensuring all updates and security patches are installed.  If you have any recommendations of something we’re not doing, but could, please CONTACT US!

How do virtual magic classes work anyway?

Wonderfully! Prior to the class, we send you all the magic tricks and supplies your child will need for the class. Each lesson’s materials are individually packaged to prevent spoiling the surprise! Prior to each class, you’ll be emailed the special link for that class. During each class, students will open their lesson packets. They’ll get to see each trick performed and explained in detail, and have plenty of time for questions.

Can my child sign up with a friend?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it! It’s a great way to be able to “hang out” virtually while doing something fun together. Everything is better with friends 🙂 We also offer custom schedules for groups. If you have a group of 12 or more, this is a fantastic option to bring everyone together and create a wonderful shared experience. This is a great option for home school groups, family groups (get all the cousins in!), companies, etc.

Will Photos/Videos of my child be used in promo materials?

For the safety of the children, we do record each meeting on Zoom.  You’re welcome to record your own child participating in classes (many parents love to share these on social media), we just ask that you don’t include any other children’s faces on the screen, to respect the privacy of the other children.  While we do occasionally share photos and/or video on social media and our websites, we always ask parents first 🙂  If you prefer to opt out, please let us know in advance.

What if my child has a question about a trick they learned?

Feel free to email me any time at We can always set up a virtual “hangout” if your child needs a little extra help.  Of course, your child will receive special LIFETIME ACCESS to a video vault, which has video explanations of every trick we learn!