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 “What is Magic?”

In this “What is Magic?” Wonder Class, we explored different aspects of magic.  We learned that magic is science, math, art, and theater.  We talked about how magic can even contain aspects of history, music, and character. 

Below you’ll find video instructions for all of the tricks we learned together.  Make sure you practice each trick several times before performing it.

Remember, magic is most fun when it’s shared with others to make them feel special!  Have fun, treat others the way you want to be treated, and never reveal the secret!  – Kevin (aka Presto the Magician!)

Magic is SCIENCE

By knowing scientific properties and using the latest technologies, magicians always stay ahead of their audiences.  For example, because we know about the stretching properties of plastic polymers used in plastic freezer bags, we can pass pencils completely through a bag full of water…without leaking a drop!

Magic is MATH

Magic, like math, reveals hidden patterns that help us understand the world around us.  When we understand patterns, sequences, and basic math, we can make predictions about the future, and even make the impossible seem possible!

Card Prediction

Magic is MUSIC

A magic performance has rhythms of focus and relaxation; it has beats and off beats that influence attention, and brings all the elements of a performance into a purposeful harmony.

Magic is ART

Art is the expression of human creativity, skill, and imagination.  Magic allows each individual performer to interpret and frame their performance.  Just as important as the picture is the frame.

Magic is THEATER

Theater and magic both require planning, rehearsal and a live performance!  You can be original in your presentation, style, and character.

Magic is HISTORY

To advance the art of magic, we have to study and understand those who came before.  Understanding history helps us create a better future.

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Here at Portland Magic Academy, we believe magic is created when you share it with someone else.  By following the 8 Traits of a True Magician, your magic will be stronger.  The 8 Traits are also good principles for life!

Magic doesn’t see your height, weight, or age; magic doesn’t see your race, your education, or whether you’re rich or poor.  Magic is FUN because it can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere, at any age!

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